Loyalty Points

K1NKY Points

K1NKY points are our way of thanking loyal customers for shopping with K1NKY. Every time you purchase an item from us you’ll earn points which can be used to discount future orders!

How it Works

For every $1 you spend on K1NKY.com you’ll earn 10 K1NKY Points.

200 K1NKY Points will give you a $1 discount on future orders. There is no restriction on how many points you can save up or use at once.

Points Earning History

To monitor your points and how you’re earning them you can view the last thirty (30) actions you performed to earn K1NKY Points. You can find your earning history here.

K1nky Points Terms and Conditions

  • K1NKY Points have no monetary value and cannot be used for any purpose other than redeeming against K1NKY.com purchases. At no time will points be available to be refunded for their cash value.
  • We have full authority to adjust your K1NKY Points account upwards or downwards in respect to accounting errors, duplicate accounts, refunds, returns or suspected fraud.
  • Farming K1NKY Points (Performing actions just to earn points) or trying to abuse the system can and/or will result in account suspension.

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