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  • Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll

    4.5 out of 5
    Chiseled Chad has a ripped bod and huge rod! Slightly smaller than life size, he still sports a massive, bendable cock that is textured to please. His veined, girthy shaft is over 8 inches of hot, throbbing cock that is ready and waiting for some attention. You can impale yourself on his dick or ream his tight pink asshole, it is up to you! With a firm core wrapped in a soft outer layer, he has strategic softness and hardness in all the right places, for the ultra realistic feel of flesh sliding over taut muscle. A flat base lets you pound as hard as you want, and his smaller size allows him to be moved and stored with ease. A ribbed anal tunnel and through hole makes Chad easy to use and clean. Measurements: 18 inches in length, 15 inches in width, 5.5 inches in height. Dildo measures 8 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. Material: TPR. Color: Flesh. Note: Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box
  • SexFlesh Ride Me Tranny

    4.5 out of 5
    With a huge hot cock, full luscious breasts that beg for a squeeze, and a sweet pair of pink lips, this incredible tranny sex doll is all your hottest fantasies rolled up into one life sized package. Made entirely out of SexFlesh for an ultra realistic feel, each of the two waiting love openings are tight, ribbed, and ready for a pounding. Grab some lube and slide your dick in between those massive perky melons, or let the full 7.5 inches of throbbing cock fill you up instead. The core is bendable so you can angle it to hit every sweet spot. Suck, grab, fondle, and tweak the pretty pink nipples as you play. Always hard, willing, and ready to play, make this tranny doll your personal sex slave any time of the day or night. Measurements: Body: 32 inches in length, 12 inches in width; Penis: 7.5 inches in length, 5.25 inches in circumference. Material: SexFlesh (TPR). Color: Natural. Note: Retail packaging consists of plain brown box
  • SexFlesh Tranny Terri Love Doll

    5 out of 5
    Impale yourself on a massive shemale cock, grab a couple handfuls of big fat titties, and ride Tranny Terri until you explode! If you prefer to give it rather than take it, you can also pound her tight pink asshole, which is gently ribbed for more texture and a tight grip. Her big luscious breasts will bounce with every thrust. Tweak her pert pink nipples, bend her massive cock to hit just the right spot, ream her ass...this chick with a dick is always ready and begging for more! Her soft caramel skin is so lifelike, you will not be able to keep your hands off. There is even a through-hole for easy clean up. Her flat base keeps her sturdy and in place no matter how hard you pound her. Get hot ass, huge tits, and a great cock, all in one amazing package with Tranny Terri! Measurements: 21 inches in length, 13.5 in width, 6 inches in height; Cock measures 8 inches in length and 1.75 inches in diameter. Material: TPE. Color: Flesh. Note: Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box

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